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School Holidays…

…are always hard for me. Having to fit in packing orders and keeping the Baba+Boo wheels turning whilst also having fun with the children is a real task and a half. I remember last year, I organised my first ever Baby Show in the school holidays and moved into my first ever office…that is not something I will be doing again! This year, it is about having fun.

Now seems like a good time to start this blog, the hardest time of the year for me to juggle but I am determined to have a brilliant summer with the children. Let’s see what kind of post I am writing at the beginning of September but today we got off to a brilliant start.

Alison from 4 Manchester Women invited us along to today’s Blackdog Bowl’s  Kids Bowl Free Mondays Launch and we jumped at the chance. Seth is eager to try everything and needs his days filling with activities, so he was most excited, counting down the sleeps until he went bowling for the first time.  Louisa was more interested in the bowling shoes, which were very rather smooth, matched the decor and vibe perfectly.

Our cool bowling shoes

My husband could not believe that we were going bowling. He told me that this was the first I would have played in over 17 years (the length of time we have been together). I always think that bowling is a tad expensive and is over quite quickly, so would always choose to do something else instead.

I am rubbish at bowling. Probably another reason why I never liked it, I’m extremely competitive on the quiet. My little boy takes after me and wasn’t impressed with his first go at pushing the ball off the ramp and he only got 3 points. A few more go’s and tensions were rising when his little sister started wiping the floor with us both. Thankfully, a few more spares later and all was ok with the world again.

Bowling 290713

I read an article in the Sunday Times yesterday (yes, I actually got to read it on the day I bought it), about the cost of childcare in the summer holidays being up to £1000.  With summer camps, days out and generally being mithered for this and that, it all adds up. I think it is pretty ace when a venue like this appreciates this and actually does something to help out. Kids can bowl free on Mondays between 12-6pm until Sept 2nd. All help is needed to get me through the next 6 weeks!

We will certainly be back and bringing my husband in tow. I think he will be mithering me more than the guys.


The End of An Era

Last week saw an momentous day for me.

It was the end of my ‘stay at home’ mum role. From September, both the children will be in full time education and I will know longer have split days. For the past 3 years, I have been able to work on the business either mornings or afternoons while the children have been at part-time playgroup or nursery. This meant stop/starting working, playing, cooking, bedtime before returning back to work in the evening.

This arrangement has led to a busy brain…too many things going round it at once. I feel like I have been a snappy mum at times because my brain is still full of nappy designs, customer orders from the morning slot and then going straight into being mum has been hard. I do wonder how my brain hasn’t exploded at times. I have been at the office and resented the fact that I have to stop work to go and collect the children, only to see them and feel enormously guilty.

I struggle with guilt all the time. All the time.

In September, I will be working full time.

I wonder what kind of mum I will be in September. I will be able to leave work at the office for the very first time.

Then go home and be mum.

I will be glad to have set working hours for the first time in four years and I am sure I going to be a better mum.