Simple things

One week into the school holidays and I’m feeling it.  Drained but it’s been so good to switch off, tune into the guys and dedicate the week to them. Was so worth having a manic July, so I could enjoy some time off constantly thinking about Baba+Boo and cloth nappies. Which never happens really but I find leaving my phone at home helps.

We’ve been bowling, swimming, visited friends and shopped for school shoes.

Seth has loved the fact that we have done things that he has never done before. He is brilliant to be around, just like a sponge wanting to learn as much as possible. He reminds me of Johnny Number 5 from the film Short Circuits – ‘Need more input, need more input”!

Yesterday, we went on a double decker bus for the first time. Such a simple thing and it caused such smiles and excitement. Trying to think of ideas of what to do with the guys drains my brain but I think I will look through their eyes for inspiration a lot more, it’s much cheaper!

Today, Seth went swimming in a small stream for the first time. He was so fussy as a younger boy but he’s getting more and more daring with the things he tries. A year or so ago, being wet without a towel or dry clothes would have been a disaster.

Wild swimming


Louisa is still in that zone where everything is a huge deal. Although, everything is ok with Louisa as long as she has a dress and nail varnish on. If ever there was an obvious claim to nature winning in the nature vs nurture debate, Louisa has it. That is another blog post entirely.


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