World Breastfeeding Week

SethI loved breastfeeding my little ones, it was an experience like no other for me.

It wasn’t without it’s hardships though, especially first time round.

Never knowing if my new baby was full.

Always wondering if my milk was good enough.

Total lack of sleep for a year as I fed on demand and my boy loved the boob.

How physically draining it was at first when my body was making my milk.

My husband not being able to help with night feeds.

Being so determined to just give mummy milk despite everyone telling me to go to formula milk.

Worrying about where I could feed when I was in public.

It was so hard.

But I have had to think hard to remember those things.

The memories that come easily are the best ones.

I remember stroking my babies ears as they stared up at me as they fed.

I remember my boobs going fuzzy, getting ready to feed when my babies cried.

The feeling of it just being us and only us.

The milk drunk look on my babies faces when the feel asleep during a feed.

It was such a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I was lucky enough to manage it.



One thought on “World Breastfeeding Week

  1. Love this! It’s exactly how I felt

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