No longer a stay at home mum…

Sept 5th 2013

Almost 4 years ago, I had two children under 2 and was a stay at home mum.

This is not something I ever thought I would or could be.

But I felt blessed I could experience their every move in their formative years.

I always had one eye on today. This very day.

When both my babies were at full time school.

I didn’t want to be unemployable after taking 5 years out of my career.

I didn’t want to be scratching around for any job that was in school time hours.

So the twinkle of Baba+Boo starting forming in my eyes.

It was mean to be something small, a slow burner, something I could just do at nights and weekends.

Then when the children were at school, I could really go for it.

My ambition and drive had other ideas.

It decided I would be working harder than I ever thought imaginable.

Being with the children all day, then working until the early hours.

And here I am today.

Sat at MY desk, in MY office working on MY business.

My little successful business that is not so little any more.

With so many wonderful customers making all this possible.

And I am so ready to really ‘go for it’.

Hard to believe that I am no longer a stay at home mum or a work at home mum.

I am now a businesswoman.

Surreal doesn’t even come close.

Ready to really go for it.

Let’s do this.


5 thoughts on “No longer a stay at home mum…

  1. lollinski says:

    Go you!

  2. You are an inspiration Eve! I am due baby number 2 any day now and I am faced with taking a career break but I need something to tide us over financially for a few years till they reach school age. It’s great to know what a success looks like and all the best of luck to you. Baba + Boo is a fab business and you should be proud of it and yourself!
    Michelle G

  3. ellie says:

    You are an inspiration. Oh and your nappies are pretty nifty too!

  4. Susan Boardman says:

    We are so proud of what you have achieved, its been hard work but you have got there.
    We have watched you from the start and have seen all your hard work you have put into BabaandBoo and how much it has grown.
    Love Mum and Dad

  5. The start of a new chapter! Emotional but exciting!

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