Fit By Forty

I have never lost my baby weight…almost 6 years in.

I started a business when my children were 18 months and 9 weeks old.

It made me drink wine to cope with the stress of it all.

It is the fault of the business obviously, not mine.

I’d say that I am about 10lb more than I want to be.

Not a huge amount but I dislike it when I don’t feel comfortable in clothes.

I want to be toned.

I have always said that I want to be in the shape of my life by the time I am 40.

I’m 2 years and 1 month away.

We are booking a dream holiday for our 40th year and I want to have photos I can show off, not hide because I don’t like my body.

I cut my drinking right down at the beginning of the year and probably have 4 glasses of wine a week, if that.

It helped but I want to be toned and decided to do something about it.

No point in moaning and then not be proactive.

So I started last week. I felt the pain of a personal trainer.

A personal trainer who likes pain.

I got that buzz that people talk about when you exercise.

Loved it. Can see how people get addicted to it.

I also started drinking 2 litres of water a day and been swimming 3 times a week.

I can really tell the difference, have a lot more energy.

Tomorrow, I go again.

I probably won’t be able to post how it went until Saturday. My arms and fingers will be too sore to type.

 photo GetFitMummyButton_zpsb1142039.jpg


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