Trying Hard

Last night was parents evening for both of our children.

I came away bursting with pride. Still feel fit to burst.

Boo’s teacher told us how she was quietly confident and sometimes just quiet.

We found that hard to believe, she has a voice that needs to be heard all the time at home.

I like that she quietly sums up situations and her environment. I was and still am like that.

I don’t want her to be shy though. I don’t her to be 30 before she comes out of her shell like me.

If I raise a girl who is confident in her ability and not scared of putting herself in situations I will know I have done my job as her mum.

The boy’s teacher said he was well mannered, doing well with his literacy and numeracy and a lovely, lovely boy.

I’m borderline tears at this point.

Then she said ‘he makes sure he tries his very best at everything he does’.

Not so borderline any more.

My parents always taught to be try my hardest. It was drummed into me.

If I didn’t pass something or come first I would feel like a failure until my Dad used to say:

‘Did you try your best?’

‘Yes’ was always the answer.

‘Well that is good enough for me kid’ my Dad would reply.

That is something that has stayed with me in everything I do. I always strive to do my best and be the best I can become, at everything I do.

The teacher said that the boy doesn’t like it when he has made a mistake.

I came home and told him it’s important to make mistakes, that is how you learn. Never be afraid to ask for help.




3 thoughts on “Trying Hard

  1. Absolutely love this Eve!! My dad always said the time to me: all you can try is your best. And you’re totally right about making mistakes; I’ve had parents evening tonight and last night and have repeatedly told my parents this and I tell the children all the time. You cant learn if you don’t make mistakes! x

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