To My Boo Love from Mummy

You just want to be me.

And you are. like me. In so many ways.

You are determined.

You are inquisitive.

You like things tidy and you like to have order.

You like to write and be creative.

You have a huge imagination.

You love snuggles when you are feeling a bit rubbish.

You are the boss of your of your brother (like I am the boss of your Daddy…ssshhh!)

You love to laugh.

You have inherited so many of my traits.

Including being shy.

I used to be shy, until I had your brother and you.

Motherhood has a way of dragging you out of your shell, whether you like it or not.

I’ve learnt not to be shy and scared to do things.

I started a business, which was scary.

I try and do something that scares me every day.

I’m not so shy now and I love the seeing the world with different eyes.

I try not to have regrets but I wish I hadn’t been so lacking in confidence for most of my life.

I’ve always had belief in myself, my parents saw to that.

I just thought that others didn’t believe in me I suppose.

So my gorgeous girl, I am going to make sure that you have so much belief in yourself.

You will believe that you can do anything.

That you can be anything.

I’m going to try and encourage you do things that are out of your comfort zone.

I will ensure your comfort zone keeps getting bigger as you grow.

So for now little girl, keep holding my hand tight when you are in a new situation.

And hide behind my legs when someone new says hello.

And with little baby steps, we will get there together

As your mummy, I want to show you that you have the world at your feet.

And I will.

That is my promise to you.

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