Best Friends

On Thursday, I dropped the children off at school.

The next time I would see them would be Saturday tea-time.

This is the longest time I’ve been without them.

And the longest time I have just been a wife since before our son was born in 2008.

We’ve been in a blissful husband and wife bubble.

We’ve laughed a lot.

Went shopping together.

Went to a gig.

Had a meal out.

Walked to the pub on a Friday night for a few scoops.

I laughed at his jokes again.

We’ve cleared the huge backlog of things we need to talk about it.

We made plans for the future.

We just were.

We are always a team in the craziness of our life.

Talking about the business and the children is all we usually do.

All we have time for.

Passing each other in different rooms in the house is the norm.

But these past 3 days have reminded me of why I married my husband.

He’s my best friend.


One thought on “Best Friends

  1. Aww that’s lovely. My husband is my best friend too. We’ve only been out once on our own since Toby was born four months ago. Hopefully we’ll find time to do it again soon.

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