A Moment At The Nativity Play

On Tuesday my daughter was a snowflake.

Today my son was an Elf.

Today I ended up having a moment.

For those with school age children, you will know the work that December brings.

Sorting nativity outfits.

Helping them learn lines and songs.

Selling raffle tickets for the Christmas fair.

Bringing in bottles for the Christmas fair.

Christmas parties mean bringing in food.

Own clothes days and the stress of choosing clothes for them.

Toy days.

Presents for teachers.

You need a helper to remember what is going on at school.

Never mind, all the other Christmas stuff that is going on.

All this sounds like I am bah humbug.

Far from it, I am right up there as one of the biggest fans of the Christmas season.

You just don’t know all this is coming before they go to school.

But then today, I watched my boy elf and his own class wishing all the parents a Merry Christmas by shouting and singing.

I just melted.

My eyes filled with tears.

Then, right then, it shook me to the core that we  borrow these perfect little people for a short while.

He will only do one more nativity play and then he will be moving onto carol services.

He’s growing up so quickly.

He saw me full of tears and ran from his chair to give me a kiss.

That was a moment I will treasure forever.


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