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How can I help you little girl? I’m all yours…

You have found it tough recently.

I’m not completely sure why.

Is it because your brother has had birthday attention?

Is it because Mummy has been really busy at work?

Is it because life hasn’t been in the order you are used to?

I know you need order.

You need it so desperately.

You have started being so demanding again.

After months of you being patient and seeming happier.

You are so competitive with your brother, especially over me.

You are shouting at us all.

You are whinging all the time, saying you are in pain.

Either you arm hurts. Or your leg. Or your throat.

But I don’t think they do.

Something is not computing in your little brain.

You just don’t know how to tell me what it is.

I think you need some one on one attention.

I’m going to try that for starters.

So tomorrow, I’m all yours.

We can do whatever you want and I am not going to say no.

I’m not going to say ‘in a minute’.

I’m going to say ok.

You are a complex little thing.

So unlike your brother, who is easy going and will do whatever to go with the flow.

Your flow is so much different and I need to take the time out to work out where you want to go.

Life is so busy and I am so sorry for not helping you make sense of the world.

I forget you need more help sometimes.

You are so like me.

You need things to be tidy, neat and ordered.

You need to know what comes next and get stressed when things are not happening like you think they should.

I become irritated when you whinge and even more so when you are mean to your brother.

You get my attention by doing naughty things.

But I shout.

Then hate myself for it.

That’s not what either of us need.

It’s a vicious circle.

But tomorrow I will break it little girl.

I promise.

No more tears and no more sad faces.

From either of us.

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