Monthly Archives: March 2014

Feeling The Fear and Doing It Anyway

I read this book by Susan Jeffers in May last year.

I’ve always been shy and nervous of new situations.

Meeting new people especially.

So I bought this book to try and get over this fear.

It had held me back.

I am a firm believer in changing things if you are not happy with them.

I read it and then put it away.

Didn’t really embrace it but one thing stuck with me.

Making your comfort zone bigger.

So on New Years Day 2014, I wrote down resolutions that would make my zone bigger.

I checked in on them yesterday.

I’ve done a lot of them.

Go to a gym class, which I had a huge phobia of.


Be brave.

Going to do a school talk tomorrow about waste – my suggestion.


Get a personal trainer.

It actually hurts to sit down after last night’s session.


I wished I have tried to make my comfort zone bigger a long time ago.

I get butterflies in my tummy for things still but I know how to channel them now.

I got asked to be a guest speaker at a business event last week.

I would have actually run away at the thought a year ago.

Nervous? Yes.

Looking forward to it? Yes.

I barely recognise me.

I’m definitely doing it anyway.


My Children Make Me Brave

I went to a high school to be interviewed by pupils today.

It is National Careers Week and I was invited along by Naomi from Enterprise Lab.

There was a social media newsroom set up and I was interviewed by the You Tube team.

I was pretty nervous as I had no idea what I was going to be asked.

There was a girl who was going to interview me along with 3 other pupils.

She looked petrified.

It was like looking at me when I was her age.

I was painfully shy and my lack of confidence was crippling.

I told her I was more nervous than her but it didn’t help.

Like it wouldn’t have helped me.

Looking at her made me realise how far I have come.

Since I was that shy schoolgirl.

My children made me brave.

You can’t be shy when you have to speak up for your little babies.

I left my comfort zone to take them to baby groups.

You have to face new situations all the time when you become a mum.

I need them to be brave and confident.

I need to be everything I want them to be.

I make sure I do things that scare me all the time.

In my business Baba+Boo.

And outside of that too.

I showed the children the video interview I did today.

Boo was concerned about why there was only one girl and three boys interviewing me.

The boy cried.

He was proud.

He didn’t know how to tell me that though.

It was a new emotion for him to understand.

He said he was happy I was talking to the school children.

He said he was happy I was his Mummy.

I made him proud for the first time.

It’s come full circle.

They gave me my confidence.

My children.

Thank you for making me brave.

Every day.