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Fussy Eating 1 Mummy 0

My children’s eating habits have always been the hardest thing about parenting for me.

I have turned a corner with the boy though, thankfully.

Using the hints from the book ‘French Kids Eat Everything’ worked a treat with him.

I wrote about this on the Baba+Boo blog.

He’ll eat anything in front of him now.

He even tried my lobster on holiday and loved it.

It sent Boo the completely wrong way.

She became so much worse and she became nervous and scared at meal-times.

It was distressing for both of us.

The first thing she asked in the morning was ‘what is for tea’ tonight.

So so stressful.

I was giving her a fear of food.

She struggles with new things in every aspect of life.

It all needs to be on her terms.

She needs order and she needs to be in control.

Very like me.

So I realised I need to start again with her.

And trying new foods needs to be her choice.

Now on Sunday, we sit and plan what she wants for her tea all week.

I have a very clever mummy, who made me a gorgeous family meal planner.IMG_3738

She is so much calmer.

She only has a limited choice of foods to choose from.

I’m really hoping that they will increase.

I’m actually quite certain that she will start trying new foods.

The foods she likes are not the healthiest of choices.

But so what.

She is happier.

We are both less stressed.

I am sure one day, she will like lobster too.



The School Run

If you asked me one of the main reasons why I wanted to have my own business.

You would get this answer.

The school run.

I wanted to be the one to drop the children off at school.

The one to see their happy faces running out of school.

I’m grateful ¬†that the school run is part of my day.

Grateful every day.

The moments before the school run are not that romantic.

Getting them ready.

Gathering homework together.

Making packed lunches.

Stressful at times.

But then you see this at home time.


Grateful for my business.

Grateful that is allows me to have these precious memories.

Looking Back

I attended a baby event today with other baby advisory companies.

It was called Life After Birth.

It was all about the things you need help with after birth.

It took me right back to my beginnings of being a mum.

I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional today.

I was just there to show parents why I think they should use cloth nappies.

Lisa from Daisy Birthing did a talk about positive birthing.

Claire from Baby Calm did a talk about how your baby is meant to be close to you.

Kat from Sale Sling Library did a talk about slings and how much of a positive impact they have on parenting.

It made me think about the birth of my first child.

I had pre-eclampsia, so I was induced as I we were in danger.

I wasn’t stressed though, so I think it went as well as it could be

But being a new mum was so far from what it would be.

My baby wouldn’t settle.

He didn’t like his pram.

He didn’t like his moses basket.

He didn’t like car seat.

I know now that he wasn’t designed to like them.

He was designed to me as close to me as possible.

He is 6 now and still likes to be attached to me.

When Kat talked about the importance of slings.

I felt sad.

I wished I had used one with the boy.

It would have saved my sanity.

It would have made my boy happier.

So many regrets.

Well maybe not regrets, just wish I knew better moments.

I actually makes me broody.

I want to do it all again, just so I can do it right.

It’s not going to happen though.

The fella said I can get a dog instead.