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The Parenting Memo You Don’t Get About July

You’re a parent.

You will have been told a million times that children grow up fast.

‘Enjoy them, it goes quick’.

‘They’ll soon be leaving school’

When you have a toddler, it seems like a lifetime away.

Then they start school.

And then you will know what those people mean.

School years are faster than normal years.

September begins all fresh with new bags and pencil cases.

Ready to gather up your broken sanity from the madness that was the 6 weeks holidays.

Then the school year will whizz around in a whirr of assemblies, world book days, easter egg hunts and sports days.

Your Sunday nights are spent preparing for the week ahead.

Getting uniforms ready, doing spelling and homework projects.

Your evenings are spent helping them to read their books.

Then before you know it will be July.

Their uniform will be small and riddled with pen marks you can’t get out.

Another year gone.

A knot will arrive in your tummy when you think about your baby growing up.

You may have to go to an assembly about growing up.

You may need tissues.

It goes by in a flash.

Take some time in that school year to press pause and just be with your children and soak them in.

Get off the school hamster wheel in the school holidays if you can and cherish them.

*This memo is written by a mum who’s baby has just left Reception.

**This a  mum who watched tons of parents and Year 6 children crying because they were going to high school.

***She doesn’t want to go there.


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It’s Only A Buggy…

…said my husband as he took the last ‘baby’ thing we owned to the charity shop.

It was only a buggy.

But it was confirmation that I would never push a buggy again.

Not that I want to really.

But that is not the point.

It was like a million memories of both the guys in that pushchair just flooded into my brain at once.

Awash with sentimentality now.

I used to be sad when they moved up a clothes size when they were babies.

Going from 9-12m to 12-18m felt like the worse jump.

From baby to toddler.

I have to try hard to fight that now and enjoy every single moment I share with them.

It’s so hard at this time of year though.

July brings the close of a school year and saying goodbye to their teachers.

School years whizz by so quick.

July is when it all comes to a head that they are growing and changing.

Brings a lump to my throat.

My beautiful niece leaves her primary school tomorrow.

I’m sure last time I looked she was only 8.

But as I tell myself all the time.

The only way to slow down the clock is to enjoy every single second you can with them.

So I have just decided.

We are going to write a summer holiday bucket list together.

And do as many of them as we can.

Making memories to keep forever.

You can’t take them to the charity shop.

It was only a buggy.



Mumpreneur Hour

One of my very first Baba+Boo deliveries

One of my very first Baba+Boo deliveries

I’m just sat here working in the garden.

The perks of being your own boss.

I say working but it has never ever felt like that.

I’ve not worked from home for a while and just had a little flashback to the times when I was what I is considered a mumpreneur.

Running my little fledging business at home whilst looking after small children.

At the same time.

It was all done in the early hours before they woke and the evenings after they had gone to bed.

My favourite time was nap-time. From 1-3pm was my time to sit in peace and delve into this new world of business and especially social media.

It was in this time that I learned how supportive and friendly other mums running businesses were.

There were other mums sat there while their children napped starting out on their business journey.

I was pretty amazed how much help there was.

I’ve seen a lot of people scoffing at the word ‘mumpreneur’.

I suppose it sounds a bit twee and puts women into a box.

I just saw it as a way of summing up this new wave of mums who are trying something new.

Instead of going back to work.

Wanting to be at home with their babies but still use their brain.

Still trying to earn an income for their families and keeping their skills sharp, while learning new ones.

If it needed a coined word for this trend, then so be it.

It certainly helped me joining Twitter chats such as #mumpreneurhour run by Mumpreneur UK.

Those early days of being at home with two children under two and a fledging business still are a blur.

But things just come back to me for no reason.

Like this small memory of making friends during nap-time.

Sharing stories and helping to motivate each other.

Fond memories.

I might remember some more one day, as the fog of my mumpreneur days shifts.