The Parenting Memo You Don’t Get About July

You’re a parent.

You will have been told a million times that children grow up fast.

‘Enjoy them, it goes quick’.

‘They’ll soon be leaving school’

When you have a toddler, it seems like a lifetime away.

Then they start school.

And then you will know what those people mean.

School years are faster than normal years.

September begins all fresh with new bags and pencil cases.

Ready to gather up your broken sanity from the madness that was the 6 weeks holidays.

Then the school year will whizz around in a whirr of assemblies, world book days, easter egg hunts and sports days.

Your Sunday nights are spent preparing for the week ahead.

Getting uniforms ready, doing spelling and homework projects.

Your evenings are spent helping them to read their books.

Then before you know it will be July.

Their uniform will be small and riddled with pen marks you can’t get out.

Another year gone.

A knot will arrive in your tummy when you think about your baby growing up.

You may have to go to an assembly about growing up.

You may need tissues.

It goes by in a flash.

Take some time in that school year to press pause and just be with your children and soak them in.

Get off the school hamster wheel in the school holidays if you can and cherish them.

*This memo is written by a mum who’s baby has just left Reception.

**This a  mum who watched tons of parents and Year 6 children crying because they were going to high school.

***She doesn’t want to go there.


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