A summer of making memories

On July 29th 2014 I made a pact with myself.

Just before I did the final school run of the summer.

I was going to enjoy time with the children in the summer holidays.

I wasn’t going to be stressed.

I wasn’t going to juggle the children and the business at the same time.

I didn’t hold out much hope.

Not if the past few years were anything to go by.

It is usually a muddle of fitting in work and packing orders around park trips and questions.

It was always so stressful.

Too stressful.

Especially when the children came to ‘help’ me pack orders.

But it couldn’t have been more different this summer.

I purposely did no work when I was with the children. 

Planned full days of them being with grandparents so I could get my work done.

It’s been heaven.

We have played and played and played.

Visited friends, gone to play areas, had picnics at the park.

We have laughed until we have cried.

Made cakes, painted faces and learnt to ride bikes.

Built sandcastles and played rounders on the beach.

A summer fun of memories.

Instead of a summer full of stress.

We put out out the school uniform for tomorrow.

Then we had a team hug tonight so say thanks to each other for the fun.

Then I heard a little sob from the top bunk.

The boy said he was feeling very sad.

He didn’t want to go to school because he loves me so much.

And again this morning before school.

When I couldn’t hold in the tears either.

So we made a pact.

To make every summer better than the one before.

Making memories is the best part of being a parent.

Bar none.

Summer holiday fun

Summer holiday fun



One thought on “A summer of making memories

  1. missgathumu says:

    That is really nice..have fun

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