Monthly Archives: October 2014

Wobbly Tooth…Wobbly Mummy

The tooth fairy is on her way.

We have finally made her list.

My boy has a wobbly tooth.

His face when he came out of school was bursting.

I thought he had done something exciting and couldn’t wait to tell me.

He had a wobbly tooth.

And bam, I was wobbling.

I didn’t expect to feel like that.

He was my baby five minutes ago.

We waited ages for that first tooth to come through.

Why? What was the hurry?

Things were slower back then.

Days filled with baby groups, learning new skills and trying new food.

I remember days when they seemed to drag because they were so testing.

Wondering how I was going to get through the day.

Because my boy had been up all night teething.

I’d love those slow days to come back.

Life is on fast forward now.


Breakfast, school, tea, homework, bed.

And repeat.

Everything feels in a rush.

Weekends are filled with parties, football and gymnastics.

I want a slow day of drinking in my boy.

So Little Miss Tooth Fairy.

When you come, you are not leaving any money.

You are bringing a voucher.

A Do What You Want Day voucher.

For me and my boy.

And now I can’t wait for that tooth to come out.