7 Years

7 years.

With you, my boy.

I try hard not to focus about how your childhood is whizzing past.

But as your birthday comes around, I can’t help but feel emotional.

You are growing up.

Your soul gets more beautiful every day.

As a baby, you taught me that I had to be brave and come out of my shell.

When you were a pre-schooler, you showed me that smiles and laughter were the only things we needed.

Now, you are teaching me to look at the world with your eyes.

You are so full of wonder and innocence.

Your kindness and patience stops me in my tracks sometimes.

You have this extraordinary thirst for knowledge and experience.

You makes me so proud to be your Mummy.

Just recently, you said to me “Mummy, by the time I am a big boy, I want to have adventured the world”

And that is what we are going to do.

I didn’t need much inspiration to work hard but I now have some rocket fuel to keep me going.

We will adventure the world.

I will help to open your eyes to the world.

The way you help open mine to the way life should be lived.


Seth 7





One thought on “7 Years

  1. Francesca Elliott says:

    Beautiful 😢

    Happy Birthday to your lovely boy.

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