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Become Your Dream

For the first time in five years, I finally feel confident as a businesswoman.

I feel confident in making brave decisions that are right for my business.

And for me.

And my family.

It’s come from surrounding myself with positive people.

People who have taught me essential business skills.

It is so empowering being in business.

Starting each day knowing that what I do makes a difference to the world we live in.

Every day brings a fresh start for me to make a difference to my family’s future.

And that is something I would love to share with other mums.

To pay it forward.

Sometimes you see or read something that just jolts you.

Today I watched a video by the very inspiring Adam Braun

Who said you can make a difference with a very small start.

So this is me, starting.

I don’t know what shape or form this is going to take.

But I want to see if I can help other mums who want to start businesses.

And this is my beginning.

Baba+Boo Founder Eve Bell


A summer of making memories

On July 29th 2014 I made a pact with myself.

Just before I did the final school run of the summer.

I was going to enjoy time with the children in the summer holidays.

I wasn’t going to be stressed.

I wasn’t going to juggle the children and the business at the same time.

I didn’t hold out much hope.

Not if the past few years were anything to go by.

It is usually a muddle of fitting in work and packing orders around park trips and questions.

It was always so stressful.

Too stressful.

Especially when the children came to ‘help’ me pack orders.

But it couldn’t have been more different this summer.

I purposely did no work when I was with the children. 

Planned full days of them being with grandparents so I could get my work done.

It’s been heaven.

We have played and played and played.

Visited friends, gone to play areas, had picnics at the park.

We have laughed until we have cried.

Made cakes, painted faces and learnt to ride bikes.

Built sandcastles and played rounders on the beach.

A summer fun of memories.

Instead of a summer full of stress.

We put out out the school uniform for tomorrow.

Then we had a team hug tonight so say thanks to each other for the fun.

Then I heard a little sob from the top bunk.

The boy said he was feeling very sad.

He didn’t want to go to school because he loves me so much.

And again this morning before school.

When I couldn’t hold in the tears either.

So we made a pact.

To make every summer better than the one before.

Making memories is the best part of being a parent.

Bar none.

Summer holiday fun

Summer holiday fun


Mumpreneur Hour

One of my very first Baba+Boo deliveries

One of my very first Baba+Boo deliveries

I’m just sat here working in the garden.

The perks of being your own boss.

I say working but it has never ever felt like that.

I’ve not worked from home for a while and just had a little flashback to the times when I was what I is considered a mumpreneur.

Running my little fledging business at home whilst looking after small children.

At the same time.

It was all done in the early hours before they woke and the evenings after they had gone to bed.

My favourite time was nap-time. From 1-3pm was my time to sit in peace and delve into this new world of business and especially social media.

It was in this time that I learned how supportive and friendly other mums running businesses were.

There were other mums sat there while their children napped starting out on their business journey.

I was pretty amazed how much help there was.

I’ve seen a lot of people scoffing at the word ‘mumpreneur’.

I suppose it sounds a bit twee and puts women into a box.

I just saw it as a way of summing up this new wave of mums who are trying something new.

Instead of going back to work.

Wanting to be at home with their babies but still use their brain.

Still trying to earn an income for their families and keeping their skills sharp, while learning new ones.

If it needed a coined word for this trend, then so be it.

It certainly helped me joining Twitter chats such as #mumpreneurhour run by Mumpreneur UK.

Those early days of being at home with two children under two and a fledging business still are a blur.

But things just come back to me for no reason.

Like this small memory of making friends during nap-time.

Sharing stories and helping to motivate each other.

Fond memories.

I might remember some more one day, as the fog of my mumpreneur days shifts.


A Brand New Ride

Things have been so busy since we got back from our lovely family holiday.

I want to blog about that but not had time.

We’ve moved into our new fabulous office.

Want to blog about that but not had time.

I’ve never got enough time.

I’m used to that by now.

Well, I thought I was.

Changes are afoot.

Scary ones.

Big ones.

Don’t know what they are but I can sense it.

I got on a roller coaster when I started Baba+Boo.

It was pretty hard to get used to, but I did.

The ups and downs became so comfortable, not so scary any more.

After a few meeting with some very good people last week.

People who know what they are doing.

Who aren’t here by accident like me.

They made my realise that the time has come to get on a new ride.

It is much, much bigger.

I’m about to embrace new challenges and it’s been quite hard on my brain.

I knew this drive inside me was never going to go away.

But I never knew it would burn so deep.

And here I am.

About to enter the world of proper growth strategies and employing lots more people.

Being a boss.



But yes.

Exciting times are afoot.