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Mumpreneur Hour

One of my very first Baba+Boo deliveries

One of my very first Baba+Boo deliveries

I’m just sat here working in the garden.

The perks of being your own boss.

I say working but it has never ever felt like that.

I’ve not worked from home for a while and just had a little flashback to the times when I was what I is considered a mumpreneur.

Running my little fledging business at home whilst looking after small children.

At the same time.

It was all done in the early hours before they woke and the evenings after they had gone to bed.

My favourite time was nap-time. From 1-3pm was my time to sit in peace and delve into this new world of business and especially social media.

It was in this time that I learned how supportive and friendly other mums running businesses were.

There were other mums sat there while their children napped starting out on their business journey.

I was pretty amazed how much help there was.

I’ve seen a lot of people scoffing at the word ‘mumpreneur’.

I suppose it sounds a bit twee and puts women into a box.

I just saw it as a way of summing up this new wave of mums who are trying something new.

Instead of going back to work.

Wanting to be at home with their babies but still use their brain.

Still trying to earn an income for their families and keeping their skills sharp, while learning new ones.

If it needed a coined word for this trend, then so be it.

It certainly helped me joining Twitter chats such as #mumpreneurhour run by Mumpreneur UK.

Those early days of being at home with two children under two and a fledging business still are a blur.

But things just come back to me for no reason.

Like this small memory of making friends during nap-time.

Sharing stories and helping to motivate each other.

Fond memories.

I might remember some more one day, as the fog of my mumpreneur days shifts.



The End of An Era

Last week saw an momentous day for me.

It was the end of my ‘stay at home’ mum role. From September, both the children will be in full time education and I will know longer have split days. For the past 3 years, I have been able to work on the business either mornings or afternoons while the children have been at part-time playgroup or nursery. This meant stop/starting working, playing, cooking, bedtime before returning back to work in the evening.

This arrangement has led to a busy brain…too many things going round it at once. I feel like I have been a snappy mum at times because my brain is still full of nappy designs, customer orders from the morning slot and then going straight into being mum has been hard. I do wonder how my brain hasn’t exploded at times. I have been at the office and resented the fact that I have to stop work to go and collect the children, only to see them and feel enormously guilty.

I struggle with guilt all the time. All the time.

In September, I will be working full time.

I wonder what kind of mum I will be in September. I will be able to leave work at the office for the very first time.

Then go home and be mum.

I will be glad to have set working hours for the first time in four years and I am sure I going to be a better mum.