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Become Your Dream

For the first time in five years, I finally feel confident as a businesswoman.

I feel confident in making brave decisions that are right for my business.

And for me.

And my family.

It’s come from surrounding myself with positive people.

People who have taught me essential business skills.

It is so empowering being in business.

Starting each day knowing that what I do makes a difference to the world we live in.

Every day brings a fresh start for me to make a difference to my family’s future.

And that is something I would love to share with other mums.

To pay it forward.

Sometimes you see or read something that just jolts you.

Today I watched a video by the very inspiring Adam Braun

Who said you can make a difference with a very small start.

So this is me, starting.

I don’t know what shape or form this is going to take.

But I want to see if I can help other mums who want to start businesses.

And this is my beginning.

Baba+Boo Founder Eve Bell