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You Are Really Something, You Just Don’t Know It…Yet

Untitled design (5)1235457_10152332522187927_5074654042514134462_nFor your first 15 months you had me all to yourself.

We didn’t sleep a lot.

The night times were dark times.

And not just because there was no sun.

But the days made up for that.

We played and played and played.

You loved animals. You still do.

We did everything together and never left each other’s sides.

Your cheery disposition has not faltered in 8 years.

Your beautiful, kind and upbeat nature makes you easy to mother.

And this I have taken for granted.

You never ask for my time.

You never ask me to play.

You busy yourself with your sports, nerf guns and Lego.

And the iPad.

Which I moan to you about.

But I have taken you for granted, my ‘easy’ child.

Because I have a demanding child who I give my attention to.

Today I realised how much you need me and I don’t give you my time.

I am busy all the time.

And not busy with you.

Your lack of confidence struck in many ways tonight.

You don’t have anything tangible that you are brilliant at.

Something that you can understand.

And tonight you showed that.

Just a simple thing watching Britain’s Got Talent.

You can’t do a front flip like your little sister.

And you started worrying about what your talents are.

Your brain is not big enough to understand your talents yet.

You are introverted and unsure.

We are so alike in so many ways.

We love the same things.

Travelling. Reading. Learning.

But know this.

2015-10-31 09.41.53-1My 8 year old best boy.

You are brilliant.

You are kind.

And you care.

This matters above everything.

I promise to build you up.

I don’t want you to waste away inside yourself with insecurities.

I won’t let that happen.

As it happened to me.

You will be someone.

Someone who cares.

Someone who makes a difference.

I can feel it in our bones.

We have the same bones.




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